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First ever 360 fashion editorial for Garage Magazine

Posted by Happy Finish on 18 Feb 2016

Happy Finish delivers the first 360-degree fashion editorial ever made, for Garage Magazine. Shot by director Norbert Schoerner and delivered by our team here at Happy Finish, "Full Circle" enables readers to simply download and use the Garage Magazine app on their mobile device.  By placing the device over the page as if to take a picture, the app automatically launches the 360° film.



Norbert Schoerner, director of this editorial, is enthusiastic about 360° when talking about the piece, commenting he said “360-degree is more than a mere gimmick, we’re in the middle of a new language being born.”  



For Full Circle “I placed Emily Rose Fiander in a 360-degree sphere that she could engage with spatially, the aim was to create a textural, environmental piece with which we can interact on a visceral basis, rather than merely record her beauty,” explains Norbert. 

This is the first 360-degree editorial ever made and any new medium comes with its own set of challenges. There is no “behind-the-camera”, Schoerner hid his crew behind the silhouetted, leafless trees. Commenting, Daniel Cheetham, Chief Interactive Officer here at Happy Finish and the film’s Exec Producer explains, “There is no close-up, very little we can do, yet, with depth of field, and no pulling focus.” He adds, “Our 360-degree cameras capture everything that’s happening in the round. The viewer is effectively editing his or her own viewpoint on what we have choreographed. This is the real power of 360-degree experiences. As a viewer, you feel as if you are physically at the center of the abstract and beautiful world we created”.

Source: Garage Magazine N°10 / Full Circle - Harriet Quick

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