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Kaleidoscopic 360 for Selfridges’ exploration of #EVERYBODY

Posted by Happy Finish on 05 May 2016

In celebration of the new Selfridges Body Studio and part of a massive cross platform campaign, director Norbert Schoerner chose Happy Finish to deliver a unique 360 exploration video for this campaign which is deeply rooted into the wellness movement, that seeks to explore the joy, strength and beauty of individuals united in motion.

Shot at Big Sky Studios in London, this 360 piece is part of a bigger picture in the shape of a cross-platform campaign that recognises 360 as its own medium. The project is clean and simple, but also fairly visually complex. Models and clothes are the same as in the original campaign and we created a kaleidoscope effect that adds another layer of complexity and beauty to #EVERYBODY. 



Commenting on the project, Norbert Schoerner, Director says, “After working with Happy Finish on a beautiful 360 fashion editorial for Garage Magazine, we knew they were the ones to deliver this 360 piece for Selfridges.”

The campaign presents a powerful, celebratory formation of bodies in movement.


This 360 exploration video is great immersive content that integrates into this cross-platform campaign that  you can explore in depth at Selfridges website.  

Commenting on the project, our very own James Brown, DOP says, “This 360 exploration of the EVERYBODY campaign has been a visual challenge to adhere to the aesthetic of the Selfridges campaign. We wanted to push the limits of 360 in a collaborative manner alongside director Norbert Schoerner. Being allowed creative scope pushed us to think about all aspects of the video to make a Kaleidoscopic Mandala to fill every corner of the viewers perspective.”

Drag and drop the screen for a 360° exploration of EVERYBODY campaign. Make sure you select the highest resolution for the best 360° experience.


Client and Director: Norbert Schoerner

DOP and VFX: Happy Finish - James Brown

Brand: Selfridges

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