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Case Studies

Migraine empathy through our award-winning VR app for Excedrin

Posted by Happy Finish on 21 Jun 2016

excedrin2.pngA migraine is an invisible illness and because of that, a lot of people still underestimate and misunderstand it. To change this perception, we are proud to have created a virtual reality app for DDB Remedy and GSK Consumer Healthcare, that helps non-sufferers to understand what it feels like to experience a migraine.

The campaign "Through the Eyes", under the Excedrin brand, is built on the insight that to truly understand the pain of a migraine, we must look and see the world through the eyes of a sufferer.


With that brief, Happy Finish developed a VR app that recreates the effects of a migraine, stimulating and manipulating the viewer’s brain using the onboard camera with a uniquely designed Excedrin branded Google cardboard.excedrin3.png

Richard Tisdall, Director at Happy Finish, explains: “The ‘Through the Eyes’ idea is all about demonstrating empathy with migraine sufferers. It shows that Excedrin acknowledges what patients go through, by communicating it through their eyes, from their point of view.” He also adds, “The main challenge on this project was to create an experience that accurately reflected migraine symptoms. On a personal level, my wife suffers from migraines, and I knew how important it was for her to be able to share her experience, and this is an amazing way to understand what she goes through.” 


To download the Migraine Experience app, visit the Apple Store or Google Play.


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