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Case Studies

Tata Motors’ Innovative 360 Virtual Drive

Posted by Happy Finish on 17 Mar 2016

An Innovative Virtual Test Drive for the Tata Tiago

After the exciting addition of Lionel Messi as global brand ambassador, Tata Motors introduced their highly successful #madeofgreat campaign throughout India. In order to connect with Tata’s young, forward-thinking consumers, Happy Finish was brought on-board to create a truly unique experience for the campaign. To celebrate the launch of the all-new Tata Tiago, our team set out to create India’s very first virtual drive experience with the brief: Let’s make people experience a test drive, no matter where they are.


The virtual experience begins by immersing the viewer in CG stadium before initiating the Tiago test drive. On the virtual drive, the exclusive features of the Tiago are showcased through a combination of 360 degree CG and live-action media, a first of its kind for the Indian market.





In line with Tata’s target audience, Happy Finish set out to deliver a unique experience directly to the hands of the consumers, utilizing mobile as a primary distribution channel. By using this medium, Tata could seamlessly leverage social sharing through an easy to use mobile app, available on both Android and iOS devices.

Delna Avari, Head of Marketing Communication & Service at Tata Motors reflected on the campaign saying, "The reach has been phenomenal with great ROI and has been appreciated as one of the most innovative ideas from Tata Motors for consumer experience."


Producer: Shamsher Walia
Production Coordinators: Julian Anderson, Akshay Bhosle, Teesta Fernandes
360° VR Film Directors: James Brown, Jamie Mossahebi
Project Manager: Srikant Nayak
VFX Supervisor: Reynold Rodrigues
360° VR Producers: Andrea Melle, Shantanu Maskeri
CG Artist: Chris Hogg
Senior Colourist: Ned Al-Astrabadi
Account Manager: Sushmita Bhattacharya
Retouchers: Nilesh Thale, Mohammed Hazarudin 

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